The Florida Orchestra

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Staff and Board


Direct Dial

Michael Pastreich - President and CEO                                            727.362.5454
Diane Hinckley - Chief Financial Officer 727.362.5431
Jodi Souza - Administrative Manager 727.362.5450

Artistic Operations

Nicholas Filzen - Operations Manager 727.362.5466
Sam Headlee - Personnel Manager 727.362.5461
Ella M. Fredrickson - Principal Librarian 727.362.5462
Sarah Logan Smith - Assistant Librarian 727.362.5463
Danielle Rossbach  - Community Engagement Manager 727.362.5460
Yuri Kim - Artistic Operations Coordinator 727.362.5464
Art Molinaro - Technical Director & Sr. Stage Manager                    
Robert Kahl - Assistant Stage Manager


Jaclyn Kilpatrick - Senior Development Officer                                   727.362.5421
Michelle Curtis - Development Officer                                  
Nick Seibert - Development Operations Manager 727.362.5423
Elizabeth Ocampo - Donor Relations and Events Coordinator 727.362.5424

Marketing and Communications

Sherry Powell - Chief Marketing Officer 727.362.5440
Henry Adams - Associate Director of Marketing & Communications 727.362.5441
Carrie Olin Elliott - Marketing & Communications Manager 727.362.5442
William Abbey - Group Services Manager 727.362.5443
Jessie Peter - Graphics and Production Coordinator 727.362.5447
Kelly Smith - Public Relations Manager 727.362.5448

Ticket Center

Ticket Center                                                  727.892.3337
Heidi Gonzalez - Ticket Center Manager                                                         727.362.5445
Mich Sullivan - Assistant Ticket Center Manager                                                727.362.5444



Thomas H. Farquhar, Chair
Howard M. Jenkins, Co Vice-Chair & Past Chair
James R. Gillespie, Esq., Co Vice-Chair
David Sharpe, Secretary
Michael Pastreich, President & CEO
Robert F. Shuck, Treasurer

Executive Committee

Thomas H. Farquhar, Chair
Howard M. Jenkins, Co Vice-Chair, Immediate Past Chair
                                     & Strategic Planning Committee Chair
James R. Gillespie, Esq., Co Vice-Chair
David Sharpe, Secretary
David C. Banker, Chair, Council of Advisors
Susan B. Betzer, M.D., Chair Artistic Advisory
Jeanne Coleman, Esq. Chair, Community Engagement Committee
Jane J. Fanning, Chair, Governance Committee
Marcia Heath, Chair, Marketing Committee
Jane Peppard,Chair, Music Director Search Committee
Robert F. Shuck, Chair, Audit & Finance Committee
Alison Steele, Chair, Human Resources Committee
Monte Trammer, Chair, Development Committee
Gregory C. Yadley, Esq., Chair, Artistic Committee

Board of Directors

David C. Banker
Susan B. Betzer, M.D.
J. Richard Caldwell, Jr., Esq
Jeanne Coleman, Esq.
Elizabeth J. Daniels, Esq.
Bill Edwards
Jane J. Fanning
Thomas H. Farquhar
Dr. Gordon Gilbert
James R. Gillespie, Esq.
Heather R. Gills
Harry Greene
Marcia Heath
Howard M. Jenkins
Joan Kline
Janet Paroo
Jane Peppard

Nancy J. Preis, Ph.D
Laurel M. Prenzel
Clayta Ross
Michel Sauers
John C. Schierholz
Robert Schmidt
Liz Sembler
Joel H. Shane, CPA
David Sharpe
Robert F. Shuck
Jay B Starkey, Jr.
Alison Steele
Richard Stein
Jane Strom
Monte Trammer
Jim Walters
Gregory C. Yadley, Esq.

Ex Officio Members

Harry Cohen, City of Tampa
Karl Nurse, City of St. Petersburg

Council of Advisors

Barry M. Alpert
Renate Armitage
David C. Banker, Esq., Chair
Suzette M. Berkman
Alvin Bernstein
Iris Bernstein
Gayle Bertelstein
Margaret Word Burnside
Joseph E. Casey
Diane W. Dubendorff
Christine Eastman
Hilliard Eure
Aaron Fodiman
Barbara Izzi

Lawrence Langebrake
Anne Lauder
Virginia K. McConnell
Nelson W. Morrow
F. Wallace Pope, Jr., Esq.
T. Marshall Rousseau
John E. Slaughter, Jr. Esq.
Barbara Godfrey Smith
Joan Zieg Steinbrenner
James B. Strenski
Helen Torres
William P. Wallace
Robert H. Wharton, Jr., M.D.
John Wilson

Board of Consultants

Joe Baker
Alexandra Bolton-Schultes
Maria P. Cantonis
Rebekah Covell
Rebecca Davis
Belinda Dumont
G. David Ellis
Barbara Farquhar
William H. Fleece, Esq.
Bill Garth
Roger Gatewood
Helen Gilbart
Berneida K. Hall
Jeremy Halpern
Susan Hicks
Ray Hoopes
Karen E. Johnson, CFP
Christina Majeed

Jennifer Malin
Beth Marshall
Patricia Matthews
Mary Alice McClendon
Judith McLeod
Carolyn McGonigel
Marita Mowry
Maggie Prittie
Arlene Schierholz
Marcy Shuck
Joel Strom
Susan Swartz
Mary Turner
Bill Ward
Shari Watson
Eric Williams
Anne Yadley

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